Welcome To Soil Not Dirt Farm!

We specialize in building high quality compost for soil health, using local ingredients from the western slope of Colorado.

We offer bulk compost and delivery! For estimates or any questions, please contact us at soilnotdirtcompost@gmail.com or 970-261-3344.

For smaller quantities, our compost is also available for pick-up per cubic yard outside of Delta, Paonia, and Carbondale.

At Soil Not Dirt Farm, our main focus is creating a balanced compost with high beneficial bacteria and fungal communities. The goal is to build biodiversity and a nutrient-dense product, which is important for most crops. Our compost goes through a 6-month aerobic thermophilic process. We use a diverse range of ingredients to help promote a wide range of beneficial microbes and nutrients.

To produce our compost, we use a turner that helps homogenize and aerate the compost in windrows. Water is sprayed into the windrows while turning using a water wagon. We pay close attention to moisture levels which allows the microbes to go through the full process of breaking down material, and building beneficial microorganism communities.

Our farm makes a point of sourcing non-GMO and organic ingredients from farms and ranches when availble. Because of concerns with certain herbicides and pesticides carrying over into compost we do our best to start with clean ingredients.

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2024 Compost
We used many diverse ingredients to help promote a wide range of beneficial microbes. We also focused on getting our carbon to nitrogen ratios higher to help build more fungal biomass in the compost. This is a list of inputs we used. We do have some compost with and without manures. If you prefer one we can potentially accommodate your preference if placing a large order.

  • Cover crop and Alfalfa/Grass Hay
  • Sheep/Cow/Horse manure with wood chip/sawdust bedding
  • Sweet Corn, Onions, Hops
  • Barley Straw
  • Shredded hemp stocks
  • Composted wood chips

We only use straw and hay that have not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides.

2024 Pricing

All Compost

30+yards............. $80/yard

11-29 yards........$89/yard

3-10 yards.......... $97/yard

1-2 yards ............$107/yard

Plus your local sales tax and delivery - We have three compost pickup locations in Carbondale, Delta, and Paonia. Carbondale prices vary from Delta and Paonia. We offer some delivery for a fee around the western slope of Colorado. If needed we can help source trucking or load your sourced dump truck/semi.  Please contact us at 970-261-3344 or soilnotdirtcompost@gmail.com for more information.
Screening Compost: Compost prices include 50/50 of screened/unscreened compost. We screen with a 1/2" x 1" screen. We think this will provide a nice consistency for our compost for most customers. If you need your compost 100% screened we are happy to screen the rest at $7.50 per yard.
Benefits of not screening: Less damage on the microbial communities we are striving to create. The wood chips that are present in our compost are twice composted and some would consider them to be very beneficial to the soil as slow release nutrients and help with building soil. Compost cost less.
Benefits of screening: We us a 1/2" x 1" trommel screen that help removes anything over that size. Small rocks, wood chips, and it also helps remove more of the man-made material that finds its way into our starting material. Compost material will be more fine, and uniformed.
*Note: Due to the fact that composting involves turning "waste" into a very beneficial product there is always non-organic material and small rocks present. This is very minimal in our compost. We suggest getting the compost 100% screened if you are needing that minimal amount reduced even more. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at 970-261-3344 or soilnotdirtcompost@gmail.com 

Delivery Options

We our working on getting out of the trucking side of this business to focus on compost and vermiculture.
We are happy to try to make these deliveries ourselves this year if needed and possible, otherwise we'll help find the most economical outsourced option for these places, and beyond if needed.
Trucking for single/double axle trucks can be around $85-100/hr. Semis with trailers can be around $100-$120hr. If you can source trucking we will load them.
Hotchkiss, Cedaredge, Delta, Olathe, Montrose, Paonia, Crawford, and Redland's Mesa (outside of Hotchkiss) Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, Ridgway, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, El Jebel, Snowmass, Basalt, Aspen, New Castle, Silt, Rifle, Parachute, Gunnison, Meeker, Vail, Edwards, Eagle, Gypsum, Durango, Mancos, Cortez, Norwood, Nucla, Gateway, Moab, Naturita, and Beyond!

Compost Calculator

Copy and paste this link to help figure out yardage. You'll need to know your square footage, and then you can enter the inch depth of the compost you are wanting to apply. You'll need to change it from foot to inches. (You can enter .25 (1/4") .50 (1/2") .75(3/4"))


Delivery options

20' Dump Truck-Carries up to 10 yards

25' Dump Truck - Carries up to 16 yards

44' Semi/End Dump carries up to 30 yards

65' Semi/Belt trailer-Carries around 45 yards-This is outsourced so dependent on availability.