Welcome To Soil Not Dirt Farm!

We specialize in building high quality compost for soil health, using local ingredients from the western slope of Colorado.

We offer bulk compost and delivery! For estimates or any questions, please contact us at soilnotdirt@hotmail.com.

For smaller quantities, our compost is also available for pick-up at Earth Friendly Supply in Hotchkiss. More information at shopearthfriendly.com.

About our compost

At Soil Not Dirt Farm, our main focus is creating a balanced compost with high beneficial bacteria and fungal communities. The goal is to build biodiversity and a nutrient-dense product, which is important for most crops. Our compost goes through a 16-week aerobic process, breaking down the nutrients into a form plants can easily access. The different inputs we use are chosen for a reason and a particular purpose in the composting process.

Our farm makes a point of sourcing non-GMO and organic ingredients from small farms and ranches. Because of concerns with certain herbicides and pesticides carrying over into compost, we do our best to find clean ingredients.

To produce our compost, we use a turner that helps homogenize and aerate the compost in windrows. Water is injected into the windrows using a water wagon. We pay close attention to moisture levels which allows the compost to fully mature leading to a stable, finished product.

About our compostAbout our compost

This Season's Compost

This Season's Compost
We are currently sold out of compost, however we're in the process of making more! Our next batch should be ready by the first of July. If you'd like to get on our list to be contacted when it's ready, please e-mail us at soilnotdirt@hotmail.com

All compost has been screened down to 1/4".

Biodiverse Blend  *SOLD OUT*
  • Organic grass bales                      40.5%
  • Aspen sawdust                              18.1%
  • Onions                                             13.3%
  • Organic bean stubble                    10.4%
  • Antibiotic-free chicken manure     9.1%
  • Wood Chips                                         5%
  • Compost                                           3.6%

Seasonal  *SOLD OUT*
  • Sheep manure/bedding                   26.9%
  • Wood chips/sawdust mix               18.8%
  • Rye straw bales                                 15.2%
  • Cow manure/bedding                       13.5%
  • Horse manure/hay mix                    12.1%
  • Composted wood chips                     8.1%
  • Compost                                               5.4%
We only use straw and hay that have not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides.

Pricing and Delivery

2021 Pricing

Biodiverse Blend

Under 10 yards............. $ 80/yard

11-30 yards................... $ 75/yard

31+ yards....................... $ 70/yard

Composted Wood Chips

$ 30/yard

Plus your local sales tax and delivery - We offer a very economical delivery service around the western slope of Colorado. Please contact us at 970-261-3344 or soilnotdirt@hotmail.com for information.

Also, we're happy to make combinations of our compost mixes and create a price point that works for you.

Delivery Minimums

Please note we have a minimum number of yards for deliveries. Our compost is also available for pick-up at Earth Friendly Supply in Paonia.

Delta, Cedaredge, Olathe: minimum of 6 yards

Montrose, Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade:  minimum of 8 yards

Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, El Jebel, Basalt, Aspen, New Castle, Silt, Rifle, Parachute, Gunnison, Ridgway:  minimum of 10 yards  

Crawford, Paonia, Hotchkiss, Redlands Mesa (outside of Hotchkiss):  no minimum

15' Dump Truck

Carries up to 10 yards

20' Dump Truck

Carries up to 16 yards

40' Semi/End Dump

Carries up to 30 yards

60' Semi/Belt Trailer

Carries up to 45 yards
Since we outsource this truck, availability may be limited.