About our pigs

At Soil Not Dirt, we breed and raise Kune Kune pigs, a heritage grazing breed originally from New Zealand. Kune Kunes are sweet, mild-mannered pigs, able to grow on low inputs including grass, alfalfa and "weeds" (they've helped cure the excessive bindweed growth in our garden!). They are short-snouted and low to the ground, making them wonderful assets to pastures, orchards, and fallow fields. Kunes are more of grazers rather than rooters, and they enjoy life in a pasture much like a cow or horse. They're also great with kids!

Our spring piglets are all sold! Look out for the next litters in the summer.

Currently, we do have one full-grown sow for sale. 

For more information on our Kune Kunes, or to reserve/bring home piglets, please call/text 970-201-3423 or e-mail soilnotdirt@hotmail.com.