About our compost

At Soil Not Dirt Farm, our main focus is creating a balanced compost with high beneficial bacteria and fungal communities. The goal is to build biodiversity and a nutrient-dense product, which is important for most crops. Our compost goes through a 16-week aerobic process, breaking down the nutrients into a form plants can easily access. The different inputs we use are chosen for a reason and a particular purpose in the composting process.

Our farm makes a point of sourcing non-GMO and organic ingredients from small farms and ranches. Because of concerns with certain herbicides and pesticides carrying over into compost, we do our best to find clean ingredients.

To produce our compost, we use a turner that helps homogenize and aerate the compost in windrows. Water is injected into the windrows using a water wagon. We pay close attention to moisture levels which allows the compost to fully mature leading to a stable, finished product.

About our compostAbout our compost